House of Clai Ventures

House of Clai Ventures

Our passion is to help you live on mission for collective action by
equipping you to live a legacy that makes an impact now.

My Visionary Coach

Serving individuals and organizations to clarify their vision, mission, and values.

Get clarity and cultivate a plan today! Let us take your fuzzy ideas and make them clear.

Beauty Revealed

Awkward conversations, beauty insecurities, and frustrating habits are so common amongst us as women, and you’re in need of a REFRESHER.

EMBRACE the time and space to get the practical resources you need to begin to see your TRUE BEAUTY revealed. Get ready to leave your BEAUTY MARK in this world!

Ventures We Support

House of Clai actively supports the ventures of our friends while
offering a curated list of resources to help you make an impact now.

Championship Fathering

Build a Family Legacy You Can Be Proud of and Become The Dad You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Fathers are the foundations of their families. It’s a weighted and worthy role; and it can be intimidating but you don’t have to go it alone! Invest what you have; your time, attention, and effort in learning the 10 Principles of Championship Fathering. 

Shekea Moreno

Encouraging Intentionality in Lifestyle and Mothering

Shekea is passionate about living a lifestyle that makes a home that makes disciples. Her desire is to encourage your intentionality in doing the same through prayers to pray, resources she loves, and encouragement.

Impact ASU

Equipping Black students to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Through evangelism, discipleship, and study of the Bible, every student involved in Impact is challenged to enthusiastically embrace and critically understand their ethnic identity as integral to the ministry of the Gospel on campus, in the community, and throughout the world.

No Back Doors Marriage Culture

Kickass Relationships are Possible

We believe a healthy relationship is the product of two healthy individuals and our passion is to grow healthy relationships one healthy individual at a time.


Our Mission is to Empower

Knarrative is committed to helping Black people, across the Diaspora, know our history, create our own stories, and understand ourselves through explorations of the past so that we can grow brighter futures.

The Debt Free Guy

Financial Freedom By Design

All dollars are created equal, but some end up more valuable. Knowing how and where to leverage each dollar can minimize interest paid, make each dollar work much harder for you, and will lead you into financial freedom much sooner.

Nations of Coaches

Equipping Coaches to Leave a Legacy of Excellence

Ask anyone to name the most influential person in their life, and chances are they’ll say it was a coach. That’s why since 2008, Nations of Coaches has partnered with men’s college basketball programs around the country to help coaches and their players achieve a higher level of play – both on and off the court.

Engage 365

The future of innovation is engagement

We become an ally to your organization and deliver innovative content that builds culture and drives outcomes. We inspire and equip people to find fulfillment in life and at work. Our revolutionary engagement process promotes creativity and efficiency at every level of your organization.

Community Leader Alliance

Building a Healthy Community One Neighborhood at a Time

We are utilizing resources, human kindness and community partnerships to build and maintain safe, clean and resourceful neighborhoods.

C3 Tempe, Campus Christian Center

Empowering Christian ministries to effectively reach the campus of Arizona State University for Christ

Campus Christian Center is strategically located directly across the street from the Tempe campus of Arizona State University. ASU is one of the largest universities in the United States. C3 is strategically situated to strengthen and support campus ministries and local churches serving ASU that do not have a dedicated meeting space close to campus.

Arizona Faith Council

Enriching Children, Connections, and Community

Engaging and mobilizing faith communities to improve the quality of life for vulnerable and impoverished individuals and families through a statewide network of faith-based, community and governmental organizations.